The Plot Thickens in Michael Jackson Homicide Investigation


News that the Los Angeles County coroner decided to rule Michael Jackson's death a homicide and not a potential manslaughter case took everyone by surprise when it broke yesterday afternoon. However, now that some of the details about the morning of June 25 are coming to light, we wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Conrad Murray has begun seriously shaking in his boots. According to a police affidavit People got their hands on, Dr. Murray waited some 82 minutes (!) after Michael Jackson first lost consciousness before instructing a Jackson aide to dial 911. While that time delay could possibly be rationalized if Dr. Murray was furiously trying to save Jackson's life, phone records show he made three separate phone calls during that time period, a fact that he did not reveal to the police during his initial questioning. Whoops! And wait, there's more ...

As if it weren't damning enough that Dr. Murray waited nearly 90 minutes before calling the authorities, the police affidavit also shows he failed to inform either the paramedics or the emergency-room staff that he had administered a dose of Propofol earlier that day. Rather, he just told them he had administered the sedative Lorazepam and an antidote. As you might expect, Murray's attorney denies all of these charges, adding that "Much of what was in the search warrant affidavit is factual. However, unfortunately, much is police theory." Well, that may one day indeed prove itself to be the case but, in the interim, we're fairly certain Murray should probably start practicing his testimony now.

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