Evan Rachel Wood Is Fully Ready to Bite Both Ways on True Blood


We're not quite sure how we would've survived Summer 2009 if not for the gloriously cheesy charms of HBO's True Blood. Sure, we'll readily admit that it's been an inconsistent season on a number of levels — did Sookie, Bill, and Eric really have to spend so much time in Dallas? — but we're remaining optimistic that Alan Ball and his team have it in them to knock it out of the park in this season's final two episodes. Speaking of which, the closing shot of this week's extremely short episode set up the long-awaited arrival of the Sausage King of Chicago Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Miss Evan Rachel Wood (a.k.a. "Snowflake"). And if her interview with E!'s Marc Malkin is any indication, all of you fangbangers out there are in for a treat.

Unfortunately, Alan Ball's anti-spoiler policy prevented Wood from spilling too many titillating details, but Malkin was able to get her to give him a few hints as to what's to come. Not only do we learn that her character's "human partner is a girl, but I'm pretty sure she goes both ways." And speaking of the nasty, she tells Malkin, "Well, I don't know if I am having sex with anyone yet, but I certainly have a steamy scene with someone that I don't think you'd really expect." Hmmm, someone we wouldn't really expect, eh? Maybe that means Sheriff Bud Dearborne? We doubt it, but any speculative guesses you might have, you know where to leave them!

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