Vulture Presents Another Minor True Blood Quibble, or: Eric Can Fly!?!


A few weeks ago, a few of Vulture's biggest True Blood fans put together a list of our top five gripes about the show. Well, as we were watching last night's episode, we realized there was one more minor complaint that we neglected to air a few weeks ago. Namely, Alan Ball keeps changing the laws of vampire physics on the show! Okay, maybe "physics" isn't exactly the right terminology, but you get our meaning. Take last night, for example, when Eric just up and decided that he could fly (!!!) through the air with the greatest of ease! Of course, during the show's nearly two full seasons, we've seen many a vamp do one of those fast-forward speed walks off into the distance, but unless we're totally mistaken, we haven't seen one straight-up bound into the atmosphere like Superman or Peter Petrelli on Heroes. Since when did they get those powers, anyway? Do all vamps have that ability, or is it some sort of special ability Godric passed down to Eric? Since we've seen vampires fly without having to morph into bats in other movies (The Lost Boys comes to mind), it wasn't as big a deal as, say, the discovery of Jessica's unfortunate case of regenerative hymen syndrome, but STILL. All we're asking for is a little consistency, please!

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