Week in Review: Sooner or Later, Everyone Goes to the Zoo


This week we said farewell to John Hughes, mourned Paula Abdul's departure from American Idol, and hit the loo with Courtney Love. What else happened?

• Zack Morris got a gig on Broadway and Screech and Mr. Belding felt bad.

• Jeremy Piven ram-jammed some dude.

• Paramount spared critics a screening of G.I. Joe.

• Thomas Pynchon spoke, possibly!

• Justin Timberlake got a job offer.

• Jay Leno announced plans to kill everyone.

• Tom Arnold lied.

• Stephenie Meyer totally plagiarized some book.

• David Chase made Mad Men swear-free.

• A pair of Bens got the boot.

• A pair of Bens got the boot.

• Hugh Jackman was cast in a movie as himself.

• A pair of Bens got the boot.