Will Mandy Patinkin Run Amok on Broadway?


We sure hope so! The Post's Michael Riedel reports today that Mandy Patinkin is campaigning for a lead role in next spring's Broadway revival of La Cage aux Folles. If he gets it, then it would be his first time on Broadway since 2000's The Wild Party, the show in which he played an abusive clown and "ad-libbed bits of physical and verbal abuse, including smacking people in the head, shoving them, spitting water in their faces, and making offensive remarks to them under his breath," even once causing co-star Toni Collette to shove him during a live performance, according to another Riedel column from that year. (Following the incident with Collette, Patinkin threatened to quit, Piven-style, until producers threatened a lawsuit.) Unsurprisingly, Riedel is excited about the possibility of having Patinkin to write about again, and says he thinks the actor would be "brilliant" in the role of Cage's Georges. As bloggers ourselves, we totally endorse this.