50 Cent Declares Himself on Team Swift, Threatens to Give Kanye a Black Eye


Is there anyone out there — besides us and Choire Sicha, that is — who is willing to stand up for Kanye West? We already know President Obama's thoughts on the matter, but up until this point, the hip-hop community has remained largely mum. However, that silent spell was broken yesterday by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who was asked for his opinion on the single greatest controversy of this or any other time, during an interview on Canada's Much Music channel. Now, it's not as if 50 and Kanye were besties to begin with; remember their (largely manufactured) beef back when both of their records were set to come out on the same day? Anyway, it turns out that Curtis is firmly siding himself on Team Swift, going so far as to add, "I wish he would try to come and take one of my awards; I'd black his eye in front of everybody." Where we come from, them's fightin' words!

Enjoy Another Helping Of Hate, Kanye! Courtesy of 50 Cent [Perez Hilton]