Animator Emily Hubley Plays Volleyball in Her Living Room


Animator and filmmaker Emily Hubley (the daughter of legendary animators Faith and John Hubley, for those wondering) has been a regular on the film-festival and awards circuit for many years now — some viewers will recall her animations from Hedwig and the Angry Inch — but it was only last year that she premiered her wondrous debut feature The Toe Tactic, an arrestingly whimsical family drama about innocence lost and urban yearning that mixed offbeat live action and surreal animation. In honor of this lovely film’s DVD release this week, we're offering Hubley’s 2002 short Set Set Spike, which itself was written for one of the characters in The Toe Tactic. It’s a beautiful little experimental collage about a single woman’s morning workout, with music by Yo La Tengo (who also did the music for The Toe Tactic, giving you one more reason to check it out).