Beyond Thunderdome: The Future’s Twelve Worst Haircuts


Even though we're well past the year 2000, we're still having trouble coming to grips with the fact that today's present is nowhere near as excitingly futuristic as sci-fi movies had promised us back when we were kids. There are no moving sidewalks, cars still drive on boring old roads, and we have yet to meet a robot butler who's half as sassy as Rosie from The Jetsons. However, there is one reason we're glad that the future hasn't evolved in the way that filmmakers had envisioned: We have much better hairstyles in the year 2009 than they do in the future! Seriously, we're not sure what terrible fate awaits our planet's well-trained beauty-school graduates in the future, but whatever it is, we're fairly certain that our species' ability to wield a pair of scissors will disappear. In honor of Bruce Willis's offensively awful haircut (*cough* wig *cough*) in this weekend's release of the futuristic thriller Surrogates, your friendly Vulture editors have put together the following list of twelve terrible hairstyles from some of our favorite sci-fi films and programs of the past.