Beavis and Butt-Head Prove to Be More Entertaining Film Critics Than the Two Bens


Because we enjoy well-informed and intelligent film criticism as much as the next guy, we were pretty happy to learn that A.O. "Call Me Tony" Scott and Michael Philips are taking over as hosts of the floundering At the Movies franchise. However, there's a part of us that feels that replacing the Two Bens with two well-respected critics was, frankly, kind of a safe move. It's not that we blame Disney for being so risk-adverse and refusing to tinker too much with such a profitable franchise, exactly. It's just that if we were producing the show, then we would've tried to think a little more outside the bun. Like, for example, why not hire Beavis and Butt-Head for the job? Sure, we certainly don't think they own any back issues of Cahiers du cinéma or anything like that — and even if they did, they'd probably just use them to start fires — but after seeing their tasteful and subtle critiques of Mike Judge's Extract, we found ourselves wishing that the duo would head up the jury at Cannes next year. Heh-heh, Master Bateman. Good one, gents!

[Screen Junkies]