Black Keys + Jim Jones + Mos Def = ‘Hoochie Choo’


Yesterday in the Industry post, we alerted you to the existence of Blakroc, a collaboration between the Black Keys and a whole bunch of rappers. Would you believe us if we told you that the first single features Mos Def (but only on the chorus) and Jim Jones (on all the verses), that it was called “Hoochie Choo,” … and that it was sort of good? Mos’s punch-drunk (drunk-drunk?) croon is awesomely near-indecipherable and, combined with the vaguely ominous “la-la-la” of the backing track, is just about enough to make Jones’s predictably rote lines perk up. It works because the Black Keys realize their place here is in the background, wisely offering up a soft groove easily dominated by the emcees, rather than forcing themselves into an awkward 50-50 partnership. But as it stands, the best thing about the project is still Damon Dash’s explanation of how it came together, which begins with, “My assistants … were going to a Black Keys concert for their birthday and I wasn’t invited … ”