Courtney Love Gives Kurt Cobain a Bad Name in Guitar Hero 5


We're already on record as being officially creeped out by Kurt Cobain's reincarnation as a plastic-guitar-wielding avatar in Guitar Hero 5. When we first learned of his inclusion in the game, though, we mistakenly assumed that digital Kurt would be singing along only to Nirvana classics. However, the good people over at Stereogum have discovered the frightful fact that once you unlock Cobain's character, budding Guitar Heroes can have him lip-synch along to a slew of other wildly incongruous tracks. For instance, have you ever wondered what Kurt would look like with Flavor Flav's patented "Yeah, boyeee!" coming out of his mouth? No? Well, sadly, that nightmarish scenario has now become a stark reality. Even worse, YouTube user corporalgregg2 has posted this video of Kurt pogo-ing around onstage to the opening guitar riff of Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself" and then doing his best Jon Bon Jovi impression as he croons "You Give Love a Bad Name." But, hey, look on the bright side: At least now Courtney Love will have enough dough to send Frances Bean Cobain to the wildly expensive college of her choosing!

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