Cute Dog Contest Turning Into a Mess Over Pup Named Stephen Colbert


More than 60,000 dogs are competing in an online cutest-dog pageant in which the winner has the chance to win a million bucks from a pet-products company. Until last week, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Mozart seemed like the one to beat, until an unnamed Colbert fan site posted a message urging Colbert fans to vote for a Pomeranian Chihuahua mixed-breed puppy named Stephen Colbert el dos, and now that the two pups are neck and neck, Mozart's owner is hopping mad. Oh, and there's a twist: Mozart's owner entered the contest to raise money for the New Orleans recovery effort. Rumors that Stephen Colbert el dos might appear on the show if he reaches the top twelve were not confirmed by the network, so we're going to have to just see how this thing plays out. Since The Colbert Report would surely donate money to the charity if canine Colbert wins, we did our part and just voted for Colbert el dos. He is the cuter dog after all. [CNN]