Disney Reportedly Preparing for Johnny Depp’s Departure From Pirates Franchise


Last week, Claudia Eller of the Los Angeles Times reported that Johnny Depp's interest in making three additional sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean had cooled in the wake of Disney chief Dick Cook's departure from the organization. However, it appears as though Disney isn't going to let the possible departure of Captain Jack Sparrow stop them from proceeding with one of their biggest cash cows. According to insiders, Disney is prepared to do virtually whatever it takes to get Depp onboard for the fourth sequel film (read: They'll let him drive off the Burbank lot with a Brinks truck full of cash money), but they don't believe his involvement is entirely necessary to make the fifth and sixth sequels films work. Hmmm, does anyone know how much free time Keith Richards will have in 2010?

Disney Prepares To Replace Johnny Depp In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Franchise [MTV Movies Blog]