Finally, Someone Exposes Hollywood’s Lazy ‘No Service’ Cell-Phone Clichés


Ever since it became socially unacceptable to leave the house without carrying a cell phone on your person, screenwriters and directors who work in the horror and thriller genres have been forced to innovate. Gone are the days when a maniacal serial killer could count on terrorizing an entire sorority house full of barely dressed coeds without the involvement of pesky police officers by simply taking a pair of hedge clippers to the phone wires outside the house; the advent of wireless technology ruined that effective plot device. Unfortunately, though, today's screenwriters have proved themselves to be wildly lazy when it comes to their protagonists' usage of cellular phones in an attempt to get the authorities on the scene: Nowadays, every time nervous teens grab an iPhone and attempt to dial 911 while being chased by a knife-wielding psycho, they mysteriously find themselves in a "No Service" zone. Thankfully, world-class pop-culture mastermind Rich Four Four has been paying attention to this annoying trend and, as a means of trying to shame Hollywood into being more inventive, has compiled this super-cut compilation of the usage of the "No Service" device (along with other overused cell clichés) in 66 films produced since the year 2000. Bravo!

No Signal: A Supercut [FourFour]