George Clooney to Battle George Clooney at November Box Office


Oh no! Overture has just scheduled George Clooney's much-anticipated goat-transfixion comedy The Men Who Stare at Goats for wide release on November 6. Which would be fine, if not for Paramount's planned limited release of George Clooney's even-more-anticipated frequent-flier dramedy Up in the Air just seven days later, on November 13. Speculation is that Paramount will be forced to move Air to a later date to avoid an overlap of the movies' advertising campaigns and George Clooney's promotional duties. But if they don't, how will George Clooney fans allot their November George Clooney budgets? Will George Clooney exhaust himself by giving two back-to-back interviews on the same talk shows? Is it too late to splice the films together, creating a single one about a corporate downsizing expert (George Clooney) with the incredible ability to terminate employees psychokinetically? Please tell us it isn't!

George Clooney movies going head to head [HR]