Ghostface Gets Dirty


Last week, Ghostface prefaced the teaser clip for his new single “Stapleton Sex” by relaying a message, via Miss Info, to supposed dirty-rap fan Natalie Portman: "(you sexy lady) … maybe this video is more up your alley. And I say your alley with the utmost respect. Have you ever seen the stairwells at Stapleton? I'll take you." The full video is here today, and it's hard for us to imagine what Queen Amidala might think of this, because, frankly, we're pretty shocked ourselves. The crackly blaxploitation video is NSFW enough, but the track, referencing Ghost's Staten Island neighborhood, might be the dirtiest two minutes and seventeen seconds we've ever heard, ever. (Ever!) There's barely a lyric in the song not making reference to explicit bedroom behavior, except for the one in which he points out, "I got my gun on the floor" — and God knows he might find a use for that yet. We're not saying we don't like it, just that we're not sure we ever need to hear this again. Also: Your move, Natalie.

Watch the video at OnSmash