Grey’s Anatomy: George Lives! Maybe!


ABC has made available the first five minutes of Grey's Anatomy's September 25 season-six premiere, which picks up right after the elevator ride to heaven in May's finale. As anticipated, Katherine Heigl's recently de-tumored Dr. Izzie is — spoiler! — revived, but doctors are unable to resuscitate the unrecognizable bus-smashed guy believed by hospital staff to be Dr. George O'Malley (played by T.R. Knight, who quit the show). But then — "That's not George," says a late-arriving Dr. Grey. "Look at his feet! Look how tall he is!" So good news: Maybe O'Malley is still alive, which would mean Knight could periodically return as a guest and that the unidentifiable corpse on the table would belong to some other totally negligible person. Hooray!