Guess Which Social Network Cast Member We’re Least Excited About


The principal cast for David Fincher's Sorkin-scripted, Rudin-produced The Social Network has been announced, and it includes: Jesse Eisenberg (!) as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew Garfield (!!) as the company's co-founder Eduardo Saverin — and Justin Timberlake (fart noise) as Napster entrepreneur Sean Parker. We'd like to commend the filmmakers for thinking outside the box and not simply hiring Shia LaBeouf to play all three roles, but when will Hollywood and JT finally admit that he's just not much of an actor? Won't he just be bad and distracting alongside Eisenberg and Garfield, who totally know what they're doing? Timberlake was last seen (not by you or any critics) in The Open Road, which played in fourteen theaters for two weeks and grossed a hilarious $19,716. We'd hoped that movie's failure, plus his not getting The Green Lantern, might finally be the thing to push him back into the recording studio. But now he's won an Emmy and thinks he can play an Internet genius. Maybe David Fincher can just digitally swap out his head, Benjamin Button–style.

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