Gunther Is Onboard for Possible Friends Movie


The News of the World reports "exclusively" (heh) today that James Michael Tyler, the actor who played Gunther on Friends, is onboard for a movie version of the sitcom, should it happen. The rag interviewed the actor, who was in London for the opening of a Central Perk–themed coffee shop, and even quote him as saying, "Everyone is really keen" to do the movie, even though it seems unlikely that an American would use that word. All of this is very funny because there will probably never be a Friends movie, but it gives us an idea: Since James Michael Tyler appears to be the only Friends regular who's up for a movie version, why not get Charlie Kaufman to write a darkly comic retelling of the story of Friends from Gunther's point of view? Kind of like a "You want a Friends movie? Here's your Friends movie!" You know, like Adaptaton. [News of the World]