Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig Can Feel A Steady Rain Coming in the Air Tonight


When we first heard that Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig were going to be starring together in a Broadway play, we'll admit, we were kind of hoping they'd be donning top hats and tails instead of butching it up as a pair of ruggedly macho Chicago policeman. We were holding out hope that the two would close A Steady Rain with some sort of chest-off, but alas, it sounds like that won't be the case, either: Just Jared reports that Craig wears a suit for the duration of the play, but Jackman prances around in a "skin-tight polo" (his words, not ours) for most of the evening. And while we don't have any confirmation of this yet, having not seen the play ourselves, we're most excited to see Craig and Jackman face off with dueling drum solos at the conclusion of the show. After all, why else would the producers ape the art direction of the video for Phil Collins's masterpiece, "In the Air Tonight," for their promo posters?

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