Jennifer Aniston Sings!


Why is seemingly everyone out to embarrass Jennifer Aniston while she's making the rounds on the Love Happens publicity tour? During an appearance on the Tonight Show last night, Conan rolled out a (pre–nose job) clip of Aniston's forgettable performance as Jeannie Bueller on the short-lived NBC sitcom Ferris Bueller (one that was dubbed in German, no less). And then today on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen went against a preshow promise not to ask Jennifer Aniston to sing and, well, made her belt out softly enunciate a number anyway. So then how did the shy Aniston fare? Sadly, not quite as well as another one of Brad Pitt's exes, Gwyneth Paltrow, did when she sang "Cruisin'" in the movie Duets. It wasn't terrible or anything, but the best thing we can say about Aniston's warbling performance is that she's got really good taste in songs (she chose Cole Porter's George and Ira Gershwin's "I've Got a Crush on You").

So, what do you think, VultureWatchers? You know where to sound off!

Ellen DeGeneres Forces Jennifer Aniston To Sing On National Television [Pink Is The New Blog]