Kanye Was Right


Is Kanye a dick? Yes, of course, everyone knows Kanye is a dick. Was he drunk last night? His haircut certainly seemed to indicate as much. Do we condone anyone leaping onstage and snatching microphones away from critically acclaimed former girlfriends of Jonas brothers? We do not. But can anyone deny today that Kanye was completely correct, that Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" clip, a certified pop phenomenon, very obviously did deserve to win the award for Best Female Video last night? (For your reference, here is a link to thousands of YouTube playlists featuring regular people dancing to "Single Ladies" in their living rooms, and here is Taylor Swift's nothing-special winning video.) Even if the VMAs never were, awards are supposed to be merit-based, right? And the fact that "Single Ladies" eventually won the trophy for Video of the Year makes its loss for Best Female Video logically vexing, does it not?

As we said, we don't condone his methods, and we agree that it would (mostly) be a bad thing if everyone making acceptance speeches always had to worry about being hilariously accosted by Kanye West — but it's hard not to appreciate his idealism. Also, considering that his interruption will probably be as good for Swift's career as it will eventually be for his (now he gets to make an album about how hated he is!), it's difficult not to find the backlash totally overblown. The only thing we're upset about today is that Kanye couldn't be there yesterday afternoon when Justin Timberlake won an Emmy.

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