LaToya Shares Her Creepy Stories and Conspiracy Theories With Barbara Walters


In an emotional interview with Barbara Walters on last night's 20/20, LaToya Jackson asserted that her brother "always told her" he would be murdered and that she refuses to accept any other theories about his death. She also (rather conveniently) still blames the brainwashing of her abusive ex, Jack Gordon, for everything she's ever regretted doing, including posing for Playboy, appearing in pornographic videos, and, of course, for claiming her brother was a pedophile in 1993. LaToya also claims Dr. Conrad Murray summoned young Prince Michael Jackson to his father's lifeless body, which she thinks was a bad thing to do to a child. And in a touching-yet-creepy moment, LaToya tells of the gifts his daughter Paris put on Michael's body to rest with her father forever.

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