Leaked: Ghostface Serves Up Slow-Jams, Cheese Crackers


Ghostface Killah, Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City

Official release date: September 29

The Verdict: Since you've already seen its glorious cover art, we doubt this will come as much of a surprise, but Ghostdini (which made its way online overnight) is pretty great. Making good on his promise of crack-free R&B, Ghostface trades drug-dealing and gunplay for romantic-ish slow-jams in which he's either apologizing to previous boos for past misdeeds ("Do Over," "Lonely") or attempting to make inroads with new potential boos ("I'll Be That," "Goner," "Let's Stop Playing"), sometimes by asking whether they're pregnant and offering cheese crackers ("Paragraphs of Love"). Lyrics are typical Ghost and, on a first listen, the production is pretty much dudless. We still have no idea about the Wizard of Oz thing, though.