Jay Leno’s New Theme Song Sounds Like a Rejected Demo From 90210


For reasons that should be obvious by now, your friendly editors at Vulture still have Jay Leno on the brain. While we have already broken down the many awkward moments of last night's debut of The Jay Leno Show (as well as the one compelling one), there is one other thing about the program that has been stuck in our collective craw. Namely, that incredibly lifeless theme song! While no one in late night has a theme song as compelling and energetic as Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's "Here I Come," we were caught pretty off guard by the soulless guitar noodling that opens the new show. We suppose that we shouldn't have been too surprised to see Jay Leno walking out to a Kevin Eubanks–led number that sounds like a rejected demo from the Beverly Hills 90210 sessions, but really, we were hoping for something a little more lively and fresh in the 10 p.m. hour. Oh well, at least it's not as terrible as "No Boundaries."

The Jay Leno Show [Hulu]