Lloyd, With Lil Wayne, Further Besmirches Kurt Cobain’s Legacy


Just in case you, like us, have a hard time telling one young, oversexed contemporary male R&B singer with a forgettable name (Mario, Trey Songz, J. Holiday, etc.) from another, we remind you that Lloyd is the man behind last summer’s pretty great Lil Wayne collaboration “Girls All Around the World.” Auspiciously, his new single “Pusha” also features Weezy (the original version with Juelz Santana was mysteriously scrapped, we guess). In this pre-Rebirth age, we celebrate every Lil Wayne appearance that has no crappy guitars or crappy singing, so this would be a minor victory no matter what, but this verse is no-mitigation-necessary enjoyable: In between dubbing himself the “Lloyd-song killer,” the emcee runs with the love-as-addiction analogy, once again making his own well-documented reliance on codeine and cough syrup charmingly harmless (“This is your Wayne on drugs”). Meanwhile, Lloyd breaks up his predictably spotless, slightly snoozy performance by jumping full force into Disrespect–Kurt Cobain’s–Legacy Week with six simple words — “Cobain, Cobain, she blows my brain” — complete with an actual gunshot noise.