Massachusetts Postal Worker Pioneers 3,000-DVDs-at-a-Time Netflix Plan


A hilarious Springfield, Massachusetts, postal worker faces fines and a possible five-year prison sentence after pleading guilty yesterday to stealing 3,012 Netflix DVDs from the mail he was supposed to be sorting. Myles Weathers was arrested last year after Netflix became suspicious at the high number of missing movies being reported by customers in the area. He was caught on surveillance camera removing DVDs from red envelopes and putting them in his backpack. Here's the funny thing, though: The prosecuting attorney says that because all 3,012 DVDs (valued at $36,471) were recovered, Weathers should only have to pay a restitution of $2,032 — which works out to a cheaper cost-per-movie than any monthly plan currently offered by Netflix. So we would totally endorse this if it weren't for the possible jail time and we didn't suspect that at least half of Weathers's stolen DVDs were copies of Crash.

Plea In Post Office Pilferage [Smoking Gun]