Tunde Adebimpe and Massive Attack Make It Rain


TV on the Radio is breaking up! Sort of! Okay, not really — according to front man Tunde Abedimpe, the band is taking a one-year break to "go and live a life and change things up" and, only hinted at, to avoid killing one another on the tour bus. But on the off chance these dudes NEVER RECORD MUSIC TOGETHER AGAIN, here’s "Pray for Rain," a new track from nineties trip-hop (yes, we said trip-hop!) pioneers Massive Attack featuring vocals from Mr. Abedimpe. No, it doesn't really sound like anything from the TVotR oeuvre, so it's not the greatest fill-in in case of tragic band breakup, but it is spooky and post-apocalyptic-y and has lyrics like "and their eyes change as they learn to see through flames," so we think you'll be quite pleased with it, anyway.