New Chris Brown Track More Awkward Than You Might Imagine


Maybe it’s because we’ve got Dollhouse on the brain, but “Transformer” — the first single from Chris Brown’s forthcoming Graffiti — sounds to us like a fantasy of zombified women made to do men’s bidding. Or perhaps it’s just because we’re stuck on Brown being a batterer. Either way, we have robo-groans and snatches of industrial guitar from producer Swizz Beatz; lines like “We can fly to wherever you ever thought of / Ha-ha, I take you to where it’s warmer — then I gotta rip off your dress like it’s a warm-up” from discriminating guest rapper Lil Wayne; and a chorus about transforming a woman though money from Brown himself, who sounds twerpier than ever. What this woman is supposed to be transformed into, the song doesn’t say (though Wayne does mention something about a “good girl to a freak,” which we can only assume is not an intentional reference to Rihanna’s breakthrough, Good Girl Gone Bad). But apparently the transformation involves cars. Rented Lamborghinis, maybe? Because those are pretty impressive.

Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz - Transform Ya [Nah Right]