New SNL Cast Member Jenny Slate Drops the F-Bomb, and We F—ing Love Her for That


It's unheard of for a new SNL cast member to become a household name after her first show, but the Internet is abuzz after NYC comedy-world darling and SNL newbie Jenny Slate slipped up and dropped the f-bomb (in a sketch in which she had to say "freakin'" over and over — it could have happened to anyone) last night, making the phrase "I f—ing love you for that" an instant Twitter catchphrase. The FCC doesn't level fines after 10 p.m., so Slate should be in the clear, job-wise, and the protective hug Seth Meyers gave her — front and center — during the closing credits seems to indicate that Slate might have been right when she told us in an interview a few weeks ago:

"[E]verybody who works on Saturday Night Live is so nice. It's just a really caring community."

So far, the Internet seems to have her back as well, with almost every Tweet and blog comment noting Seth's hug and the adorable "oops" face Jenny made when she realized her mistake (there's even already an interrupting-Kanye meme.) If you missed it, you can watch it on Mediaite, which is quick to point out that Bono was cleared after saying the same word during prime time. Look for our full SNL recap by Mark Graham tomorrow — Megan Fox and U2 also appeared on the show.