One Last Way to Insult All About Steve?


Say you're a film critic, and for reasons totally beyond your control, you were unable to file your review of Sandra Bullock's All About Steve until today. How, in original terms, do you express how awful it is now that every other critic has already scathingly done the same? (Steve's amazing Rotten Tomatoes score: 0 percent.) After others have branded it "the worst movie on Sandra Bullock’s résumé" and "to comedy what leprosy once was to the island of Molokai," simply pointing out that, in the film, Ken Jeong plays himself again just isn't going to cut it, right? Well, we suppose you could say All About Steve is such a lazy production that they gave Bullock, Bradley Cooper, and Thomas Haden Church (all natural brunettes) the exact same terrible blond highlights.

All About Steve [Rotten Tomatoes]