Paramore Leaves Kings of Leon Feeling Used?


Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill calls himself and his bandmates (three-quarters of whom were sired by the same Pentecostal minister) “sinners” in this very magazine’s current issue, which is just one reason to take special note of a new acoustic cover of KoL’s “Use Somebody” by Paramore, the band that is of course led by Hayley Williams, whose Christian leanings have stoked the interest of Internet users surprised that some of this nation’s many people of faith might actually find themselves making popular rock music. Our fellow Paramore fans over at Idolator think Williams’s voice makes the cover, but love her as we do, we actually hear a little more soul in Followill’s croon. In any case, Hayley might be advised to avoid visiting with the Kings on their tour bus, should the opportunity present itself.