Paranormal Activity Trailer Promises Just As Many Pants-Soiling Moments As The Blair Witch Project


We first caught wind of the supernatural horror thriller Paranormal Activity way back in January 2008, when the film debuted to raucous applause and frightened shrieks at the Slamdance Film Festival. The ultra-low-budget film, reportedly made for just $11,000, was quickly picked up by Dreamworks and positioned as the next Blair Witch Project but has spent the last 21 months gathering dust on the shelf. Now, weirdly enough, Paramount plans to release the film on September 25 in ten college towns — places like Ann Arbor, Michigan; Austin, Texas; and Durham, North Carolina — and then, based on the responses it gets, possibly roll it out to more markets. From the looks of the trailer, which employs night-vision technology to capture the panic-stricken looks on the faces of a test audience, the film just might have the greatest pants-shitting potential of any film to hit the theaters since My Bloody Valentine 3-D. Now let's just hope that these marketing geniuses at Paramount wise up and decide to release the film here!

Paranormal Activity Trailer Delights In Reducing Grown Men to Petrified, Tearful Little Girls [Movieline]