Pee-wee Herman’s Comeback Begins on The Jay Leno Show


Call us gluttons for punishment if you must, but we have yet to delete the season pass for The Jay Leno Show that we set on our DVRs when the show launched last week. And while actually watching the show continues to be just as painful as it was on that first wildly uncomfortable night, our decision to stick with the show — however noncommittal said decision might be — paid off last night as Jay played host to Paul Reubens's first in-character appearance as Pee-wee Herman since a 1992 tribute to Minnie Pearl at the Grand Ole Opry. Pee-wee was on Leno's show not only to plug his upcoming return to the stage in November, but also to show off his new abstinence ring! And, oh, yeah, be sure to stick around for the extra-weird bit, where Pee-wee tries to get Jay Leno to eat vegetables.

The Jay Leno Show [Hulu]