Rappers Love Peter Bjorn & John Like They’re Coldplay


Mix-tape DJ Mick Boogie’s remix project Re-Living Thing — an authorized hip-hop reworking of Peter Bjorn & John’s Vulture-approved Living Thing — was released yesterday. And despite what the phrase “authorized hip-hop reworking” might lead you to believe, it’s pretty great! There are verses from a bunch of perennially underappreciated types (Bun B, GZA, Black Milk) as well as from young risers (Wale, Kid Daytona, Big Sean), but most notable is how seamless the source material works as fodder for straightforward rap productions. Our favorite is “Lay It Down,” rebirthed by the Kickdrums into an ominous Houston-hip-hop slow-burner and perfectly utilized by Chicago M.C. GLC, who stretches the “Hey, shut the fuck up, boy” verve of the original chorus over two seriously mack-credential-boosting verses. Kanye started things off when he went in over “Young Folks,” and Drake kept it going with his version of “Let’s Call It Off’ — now with the release of Re-Living Thing, it's official: Peter Bjorn & John are hip-hop’s favorite Swedish indie-pop trio.

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