Roman Polanski’s Upcoming Movie Facing Four Years to a Lifetime of Incompleteness


Following Roman Polanski's ill-fated attempt to claim a lifetime-achievement award in Switzerland over the weekend, his agent tells the Associated Press the director was still several months away from completing his upcoming movie, the Pierce Brosnan– and Ewan McGregor–starring The Ghost, before his apprehension. ICM's Jeff Berg says Polanski had wrapped shooting and finished most of the editing, but work on the film's scoring and sound mixing hasn't yet commenced. Ghost centers on a fictionalized version of Tony Blair (played by Pierce Brosnan) — a British leader brought down by his allegiance to the U.S. — who hires a ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) to write his memoirs. So if Polanski's arresting officer is wondering who sent him a fruit basket today, a good guess might be Peter Morgan.

Polanski arrest puts latest film 'Ghost' on hold [AP]