The Michaela Watkins Club: 21 Other SNL Cast Members Who Only Lasted a Season (or Less)


Last Friday, as most of you were preparing to take off for the long Labor Day weekend, the Comic's Comic dropped a bombshell about the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live. Namely, that cast members Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins had been issued their walking papers by SNL's commander in chief, one Lorne Michaels. The Wilson news didn't come as a major surprise, considering that she never really seemed to find her footing with the show after a full season and a half on air. However, most comedy observers were caught off guard with the news about Watkins, especially considering that she came on mid-season and only had fifteen episodes in which to strut her stuff. But although this seemed like an abrupt dismissal, history demonstrates that there were 21 other unfortunate souls whose tenure as performers in front of the camera on Saturday Night Live didn't last as long. What follows is a list of those folks who carry that dubious distinction, some of whom went onto great fame and fortune (Ben Stiller, Damon Wayans) and some of whom, well, were never really heard from again (Yvonne Hudson, Beth Cahill).