Classic! Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre


As you may recall, earlier this year a bankrupt Death Row Records struck a deal with a music publisher, EverGreen, that promised a boatload of unreleased material. It sure sounded like a cash grab, and we braced ourselves for an avalanche of scratchy, cringe-inducing freestyles accidentally recorded when the engineer forgot to turn off the tape. Instead we got “Falling Asleep on Death Row,” a crisp Snoop Dogg banger from the days when -gy Dog used to follow his name. It comes off Snoop Doggy Dogg: The Lost Sessions v.1 (out October 13), it’s produced by a pre-studio-recluse-era Dr. Dre, and it is awesome: Over a disarmingly soft beat, Snoop goes in hard, shouting about snitchings, cop killings, jailhouse shankings, and, yes, smoking weed. What else you got over by the bottom of the barrel, Death Row?