Sleater-Kinney Singer, Guy From Shins Star in People Looking Down: The Movie


Coming at some unspecified date in the future is first-time director Matt McCormick's Some Days Are Better Than Others, the low-budget, mumbly mumblecore film debut of Shins singer James Mercer, co-starring former Sleater-Kinney singer-guitarist Carrie Brownstein, both of whose albums we like very much. According to the vague plot details available on the movie's website, Mercer plays a jobless slacker and Brownstein is a dog-shelter employee "whose world falls apart when she finds that those important to her are often not what she hopes they would be." Also, as you'll glean from this new trailer, the film's about people who talk slowly, worry about what to do with their hands, and very rarely take their eyes off the floor. So, fine, we suppose there are musicians with less screen presence than Justin Timberlake — but that doesn't make him any better.

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