Sufjan Stevens Gets Weird(er)


New track! Sufjan Stevens! New, new, new! The baseball-capped troubadour debuted “There’s Too Much Love” at a show earlier this week, and yesterday some kind soul uploaded the clip to YouTube. We think Sufjan is prodigiously talented and refreshingly ambitious and all, but even his best stuff is sometimes just too somnolent for us — and that’s why we’re especially digging this one, which dutifully runs through a well-constructed catchy hook (“There’s too much riding on that / there’s too much, too much, too much love”) laid over a squiggly drum-machine beat before completely freaking the fuck out. About halfway through the seven-plus-minute track, the vocals drop out altogether and Sufjan’s crew piles on horn stabs and Radiohead-like computer effects, building the track up to a spooky, harsh climax. On a related note, Mr. Stevens’s upcoming Bowery Ballroom shows are already sold out.

Watch: Sufjan Performs Epic New Track Live