T-Pain Has One Simple Request


Yes, our speculation earlier this week that even T-Pain had bowed to pressure from Jay-Z to abandon the Auto-Tune was completely baseless: Another track from his new album, Revolver, “Taxman” “Take Your Shirt Off,” is here, and it is thoroughly auto-tuned. And not only that, but at one point T-Pain even goes, “Answer this: Is Auto-Tune really dead?” Now that’s more like it! We agreed with Hova that good rappers shouldn’t be using the software, but we never had a problem with T-Pain doing it. Here, Mr. Teddy-Pinned-Her-Ass-Down gets his big raucous club night on, churning out another aggressive bit of sonic assault that’s sure to have a nation of seventh-graders giggling. The best part is the elegant bridge: “Hey, girl, what it is? / Should I take you back to my crib / and take your mutherfucking shirt off? / Hey, girl, what’s going on? / I know this is your favorite song / so take your mutherfucking shirt off.”