Thomas Haden Church Doesn’t Exactly Appreciate Norm MacDonald’s Comedic Prowess


In there were a Hall of Fame for Best Late-Night Talk-Show Guest (and let's face it, there really should be), then Norm MacDonald would most certainly be a first-ballot lock for induction. To wit, last night marked his second appearance on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien since the show's launch in June, despite the fact that he doesn't really have anything specific to promote. However, it seems that Norm might very well have lost one of his fans last night, one Thomas Haden Church. You see, Church came on the show after two segments with Norm to plug the (terrible-looking) rom-com All About Steve, as well as do a largely unfunny bit about the 2,000-acre ranch in Texas that he lives on. MacDonald could sense the bit was bombing and, in typical Norm fashion, inserted a few zingers into the mix. However, the normally laid-back Church was clearly none too happy to be interrupted on multiple occasions and ended up getting more than a little bit rattled, so much so that he broke out one of the weirdest analogies we've ever heard: "[Sitting next to Norm] is like looking at a condor during mating season. Either they'll attack or fly away." Hmmm, not quite the way we would've phrased it, but then again we don't live on a 2,000-acre ranch in Texas. Team Norm!

Oh, and if you want to hear Norm tell an amazing joke that begins with the line "And a moth goes into a podiatrist's office," well, then, here you go!