Stinkers Ranked


Rotten Tomatoes has released its list of the 100 worst movies from 2000 to today, as determined by their freshness scores, and it is indeed chock-full of crappiness. There are a bunch of flicks tied at 0 percent, but it's forgotten Lucy Liu–Antonio Banderas shoot-’em-up Ballistick: Ecks vs. Sever that takes top honors. We combed through to find something to defend, but the best we can do is Stephen Dorff gangster flick Deuces Wild, which we vaguely recall seeing in theaters and not hating. Also, a bone to pick: Would it kill Rotten Tomatoes to make its database searchable by scores all the time, IMDb-style, rather than just putting out these lists at their whimsy? Update: We figured out how to do it! So what was the point of this list, then? [Rotten Tomatoes]