This Just In: Drake Now Rich


What is happening to young Drake? He blew up this summer, thanks to So Far Gone, a refreshingly vulnerable mix tape full of confessions, regrets, and real talk. But sudden success might be messing with his head — see the new video for “Money to Blow,” a single off Birdman’s upcoming solo album, Priceless (yes, another one; no, we don’t know why), featuring one ugly verse from Drizzy: His boasts — “I am on a 24-hour Champagne diet,” “Get a load of this,” “I’m the mutherfucking man,” etc. — are as awkward and boorish as Gone’s best lines were clever and honest. We guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Birdman — who, as the founder of Cash Money, is ostensibly Drake’s boss — would recruit the guy for one of these artless “We ballin’ hard” tracks. And in all honesty, Drake’s airy chorus makes this a particularly good one (as Wayne points out on his verse, “We gon’ be all right if we put Drake on every hook”). It’s just that now we have to worry about Drake’s official debut, Thank Me Later, slated for the first quarter of 2010, being all about how rich and awesome he is now. Watch the video at YouTube.