Thom Yorke to Release New Old Song


All in all, we'd say Radiohead's new plan to release only singles — thus requiring every blogger on the Internet to get wildly excited about new Radiohead music several times per month — has been a success. And, as wildly excitable bloggers ourselves, it is our solemn duty to report that Thom Yorke announced today the September 21 release of "FeelingPulledApartbyHorses" (which will be put out under his name, but will also feature Johnny Greenwood), along with B-side "The Hollow Earth," a holdover from his 2006 solo album. "Horses" is actually a pretty great song that the band played a few times back in 2001, and we've been listening to a grainy MP3 file ever since, so it'll be nice to finally have a studio version. Commence wild excitement! [Dead Air Space]