Trick ’r Treat Trailer: Vampires Aren’t the Only Thing That Scares Anna Paquin


Still trying to wrap your head around The Weinstein Company's decision to release Rob Zombie's Halloween II during the last week of August, as opposed to, say, the way scarier month of October? Well, while that rationale still remains a mystery, horror aficionados who have long since tired of the Saw franchise will be pleased to hear that the long-delayed Trick 'r Treat will finally be released this October. For the Fangoria crowd (of which we consider ourselves to be honorary members), Trick 'r Treat sits alongside the still-unreleased All the Boys Love Mandy Lane as two of the most anticipated entries in the genre to come along in years. Yet, for some reason, both have struggled to find domestic distribution. And while we're somewhat peeved that Trick is going straight to DVD, the simple fact of the matter is that we're pumped to turn off the lights, curl up with a box of Bat Dots and watch the Anna Paquin–Brian Cox anthology on our flat-screen on October Shocktober 6. After watching the horrifying trailer, we're fairly confident that you will be, too.

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