Vampires to Save Music Business


With books and abstinence currently all the rage in America's high schools, is there any limit to the things vampires can sell to sullen, disposable-income-having teenagers? Apparently there isn't! The Times reports today that record labels are currently fighting over which of their artists will be included on the upcoming Twilight 2 soundtrack, because — get this — fans of the franchise are expected to buy the CD!

Twilight's music supervisor says Thom Yorke, Bon Iver, Band of Skulls, and Death Cab for Cutie will definitely be included, but couldn't comment on claims from the reps of Grizzly Bear and the Killers that those bands had also made the cut. The track list will be made official tomorrow, after which some lucky artists and their labels will return to Diddy-in-the-nineties-style excess and the other disappointed ones will continue to make their meals from shoe leather and cat food. If this thing beats the 2.2 million copies sold by the first Twilight soundtrack (which it probably will), we're totally adding fangs to the Vulture logo.

Record Labels Develop a Taste for Vampires [NYT]