War: David Archuleta to Challenge Bob Dylan With Identical Christmas Album


Oh, it's on! Last night, American Idol second-place finisher David Archuleta announced the details of his upcoming Christmas album, Christmas From the Heart, to be released October 13. Which is funny, since Bob Dylan's similarly titled Christmas in the Heart is set to arrive in stores the exact same day. Archuleta's CD will include thirteen classic holiday jams angelically intoned over funky urban beats. Dylan's will feature a crotchety elderly person raspily recounting firsthand memories of Jesus's birth, backed by accordion (samples of the album were posted to Amazon yesterday, but were quickly removed). How will consumers discern between these practically identical records? Which legendary music-biz titan will move more units? Will the loser retire in shame? Christmas just got hotter.

Cover Art for David Archuleta's 'Christmas from the Heart' [Ace Showbiz]