Week in Review: Right When He Got It in the Door


This week, Neil Patrick Harris saved the Emmys, John Hodgman made a bunch of stuff up, Ken Cosgrove brought in the John Deere account, everybody wore glasses, WE TALKED TO JACKMAN!, Nicolas Cage entertained whole families, the Internet produced the greatest-ever animated GIF (at right), Tosca got booed, House got rebooted, CSI murdered Leno, the Dave Matthews Band played our imaginary wedding, Justin Timberlake won a role, Tucker Max became the next Tyler Perry, Werner Herzog sang with the iguanas, Precious won Best Picture, we spoke with God's freakin' gift to humanity, you planned your next haircut, Harry Crane loved L.A., Disney dumped Mamet, we handed out some early Oscars, and remembered history's finest urban dance films. See you Monday and watch your feet!