Which Red-Hot Amish Romance Novel Should We Read First?


Which wacky abstinent subculture will soon topple vampires as the preferred literary protagonists among randy American teenagers? The Wall Street Journal reports today that it will definitely be the Amish: "Bonnet books," or Amish-starring romance novels, are doing swift business at dry-goods stores all over the country. "It's almost like you put a person with a bonnet or an Amish field in the background and it automatically starts to sell well," exclaims a buyer for Barnes & Noble, where the top 100 "religious fiction" releases currently include fifteen bonnet novels. Mostly focused on female Amish characters swept away by handsome, non-Amish paramours, the books are strictly G-rated, sometimes with one or two chaste kissing scenes, and millions have already been sold to both Mennonites and electricity-enjoying readers alike (some titles are even available for the Kindle, hilariously). And since we don't plan on being last to this trend, like we were with the Twilight series, we'd greatly appreciate your recommendations in the comments on which of these books we should read first. We've been browsing Amazon all day, trying to decide, but they all just look so hot!

They're No Bodice Rippers, But Amish Romances Are Hot [WSJ]